GCMA Chilterns and Home Countries

Chilterns and Home Counties Committee Meeting
at The Grove

Monday 25th March 2019

Attending –

Richard Hall – Captain

Ray Grant – Vice Captain

Paul Keen Vice Captain Elect

Clive Bailey – Committee Member

David Cook – Regional Manager


None as all were present

Previous Minutes

These were duly accepted

Matters Arising from the said minutes

DC highlighted that it was his intention to attend the GCMA National Golf Day at Enville Golf Club on Monday 10th June and asked if any other Committee members would be attending?

Only RG maybe able to attend.

DC recapped on the previously circulated fixtures list which was in order.

Each fixture was slightly different with regards to the catering and this was to be agreed by DC and the host RM –

DC requested that PK was to start to consider venues for 2020/21

RG confirmed that he was already planning the detail for his Captains Invitation Day in July and DC confirmed that there was money available in the accounts for the events so it was an open budget within reason.

A discussion took place about what the Club (generally) would pay for and what the Region would cover.

It was noted that Clubs do not charge green fees for regional events and also had their wine supplier provide the wine for the dinners, free of charge.

Prizes were sometimes provided by the Clubs; however, the Regions sponsors or the Region’s fund would cover the cost of the prizes. The region also covered the cost of food element of the day and paid for the sponsors to attend. On some events sponsors paid a fee to present to the Managers either directly or via head office which helped in covering the costs for the day.

DC highlighted the National Conference over the period 10-12th November at the DeVere Cotswold Waterpark – DC confirmed that it was his intention to go and would look for others from the region to also attend.

DC would, if enough regional delegates attended would organise a regional table for the conference dinner on the Sunday evening. It was reconfirmed that the region would cover the costs for DC to attend. Other members of the Committee were at this time unsure if they would be attending.

New Match shirts – now on order and awaiting delivery

Managers Knock Out – agreed as a good idea and to get the Managers together RG to instigate

It was agreed: Match Play on a neutral course

Person on the top makes contact and organises

Open to all GCMA regional members

Full Handicap allowance

Playing from the white tee markers and Red/Blue markers for the over 70s

No Entrance fee

Majestic Crystal to supply the winning trophy

Past Captain’s event – RH would like to pursue this and will action Golf and Lunch – DC to assist

Additional Sponsors – The Committee discussed the need for more sponsors and a number of options were put forward NFU, HH Accountants and Enquirybot DC to pursue.

Regional Data base- was being a challenge due to GDPR and DC would need to cross check this with the current data base.

Regional Website – DC was hoping to have the website upgraded by IG but this is a matter to be directed through GCMA HQ as 14 of the 16 regions use IG and if one is done then no doubt all would wish to be upgraded which is a big cost to IG- The current website is about 14 years old, which is about 10 years overdue for an upgrade – DC to continue to discuss with IG and HQ.

Any other Business

It was agreed that at the AGM there would be a minute silence to remember all those who had past from the region the year before. DC to keep a record of all notified deaths.

 Date of next meeting:

12th September 8.30 at West Herts Golf Club

Meeting ends 9.45am

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